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Australian Maid Townsville's first legal brothel provide you with the opportunity to satisfy your sexual desires. Allow your imagination to escape you and imagine the pleasures that await you with the lady of your choice when you visit Australian Maid. The opportunity to tantalize your senses beyond your imagination. So treat yourself and allow our lovely ladies the opportunity to create satisfying and memorable moments that will keep you coming back for more.  We trust that you will long remember your pleasures at Australian Maid and extend our invitation to enjoy the company of  any of our lovely ladies ready and waiting to satisfy you.

NOTE * All Hostesses of Australian Maid are paid well above normal rates and are very satisfying. For more details email us.

Trading Days:

7 Nights a Week From 7.00pm to 6.00am

Health Checks:

It is by law that all Hostesses and Hosts of Australian Maid undergo regular health checks. Therefore offering nothing but the best and safest possible experience when visiting Australian Maid.

Clientele Rates:

Duration Amount
Half  an Hour $160.00
One Full Hour $260.00
Additional Services

If you require any services outside of our standard rates then you may negotiate an agreement between yourself and the lady of your choice


Pricing is subject to change without notice and are intended as a guide only